12 Projects of Samatol Foundation

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12 Projects of Samatol 
Samatol Foundation is a Registered Charitable Trust reuniting children with their families on National Level. Samatol is working for children missing from home, brought to city for work or begging, children collecting scrap and other children in distress. 
Samatol has 12 projects designed for development and rehabilitation of children coming in contact with Samatol. 

Samatol 12 Projects photo1.  Rehabilitation of children on Railway Stations
When a child leaves his home, he is exposed to different situations and problems. Then these children generally are found at railway stations. Hence at railway stations, Samatol volunteers approach directly to the children needing help and they contact such children to bring them to Samatol.
Samatol is active on 10 railway stations in five districts in Maharashtra. Samatol works in five districts in Maharashtra namely Mumbai, Mumbai Suburban, Thane, Pune and Jalgaon. It has its work on stations namely Mumbai CST, Dadar, Kurla, Thane, Kalyan, Pune, Bhusaval, Akola, Nanded and Nagpur. Samatol takes the children to their Shelter and Manparivartan Camp and gives them value education, informal education and vocational training and try to develop them, before rehabilitating them to their families in their native place. From 2006 till 2020, Samatol has reunited more than 8,000 children with their families.
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2. Temporary Shelter in Thane
Every runaway child needs security in this society and immediate help when he is found on railway station. They need people who take care of them and give solutions to their problems. Samatol gives the child temporary shelter immediately. Actually many times children don’t feel secure in Government’s Balgruh. So Samatol gives them a secured and homely atmosphere in its temporary shelter. Samatol has such shelter at Gala no 55, Dadoji Konddev Stadium, Khartan Road, Thane (W) from the year 2008. The children get an immediate help when they need it the most. In temporary shelter, Samatol staff do counseling with children and try to figure out their problem. Then they contact parents of missing child and they handover their child from shelter itself after completing all formalities for reuniting children with their families.

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3. Man Parivartan Kendra at Mamnoli, Kalyan
Samatol bifurcates children into two categories, new children and old children. Out of these, old children are addicted and are used to bad habits. Many of them are turned to criminal ways. In such a situation, children need counseling and some support to change their current lifestyles and bring them in main stream of society. Samatol has set up its Man Parivartan Kendra in natural environment at Mamnoli near Kalyan. Samatol has run 40 camps till now and more than 8,000 children are now rehabilitated till date and are doing very well in their families. In fact many a government departments like Balgruh and various NGOs have children from Samatol Foundation’s Man Parivartan Kendra. Samatol’s main object is Rehabilitation with Development and through its planned programme, through prayers, yoga, value education, informal education and vocational training change their mind and then they are ready to stay with their families.

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4. Rehabilitation of Children from Balgruh by Samatol
Every child’s rehabilitation with its family is always strong opinion of Samatol. Children should go to their families after learning new skills and a changed mindset which will help them to be on their own in their life. So Samatol is doing rehabilitation of children in Balgruh with their families. Samatol is of an opinion that a child should not be there with Balgruh for very long time but he should go back to his family after a certain period. But many times Balgruh opposes this opinion and don’t give permission for rehabilitation of children in their balgruh. But in Samatol, we think that rehabilitation of every child has to be done and we are trying to reunite children with their families to give them more secured life ahead.

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5. Vocational Training Courses for needy children
Samatol has started vocational training for children of age of 15 years and more at Swami Vivekanand Man Parivartan Kendra at Mamnoli, Kalyan. These children are given basic training in different courses. We are conducting training in Tailoring, Plumbing, Welding, Solar, Electrical repairs, Computer Training, Organic Farming, Ayurvedic Nursery and Goseva. Samatol is also giving vocational training to needy children in nearby rural areas. This training is conducted for a batch of 10 children for 3 months and they will be given certificate for completion of the course. Samatol is willing to train them with this vocational training to stand on their own when they reach home. They should start their own activity instead of helping others. They need not depend on others for their earnings in future.
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6. Annchhatra Seva.
Samatol has started Annchhatra Seva in civil hospital at Thane. In civil hospital, patients come from long distance and from rural areas in Thane and Palghar districts. Patients get food from hospital but their relatives have to eat unhealthy food outside and they may get ill themselves. Samatol has started Annchhatra Seva from October 2018 on auspicious occasion of Dassera. Samatol is availing this facility to Pregnancy ward in civil hospital. Around 150 people take benefit of Annchhatra Seva everyday. Till now more than 40,000 people have taken benefit of Samatol Annchhatra. Samatol has now started giving food to doctors and nurses in civil hospital and other needy people staying on footpath. During COVID 19 lockdown period, Samatol has helped many people in lockdown like drivers and conductors in Thane Khopat ST depot, needy people in Thane Beghar Home, labourers leaving Maharashtra state during lockdown. Samatol has helped more than 13,000 needy people during this lockdown. Many people and institutions help us in this project by donating foodgrains for this annchhatra and many are voluntarily coming forward to help us to serve food in Annchhatra. 

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7. Organic Farming and Goseva
Samatol Foundation comes into contact with many children who come from rural areas. They eat junk food and any food available on street. In this way, they eat adulterated food which may create health problems for them. As they are staying away from home for many days, they are open to different addictions like liquor, cigarette, drugs which further deteriorates their health. These children are having farming in their native place but they are not used to do farming there. To make these children aware about farming and to provide them nutritious food, Samatol has started Organic Farming in its camp using gobar and go mutra. All vegetables produced in these farms are used for shelter, camp and annchhatra and because of this, all children in camp are in good health. Samatol is giving these vegetables produced from organic farming to different sections of society to create awareness among them about good vegetable eating habits. Samatol is also taking rice crop this year. Now Samatol is taking crops of day to day used 20 vegetables like potato, onion, garlic, tomato, cabbage, cauliflower, garlic etc through its organic farming.  Samatol is also teaching organic farming to the children of the age of 15 years and above as part of vocational training to make them aware to grow vegetables at low cost, earn good livelihood and stay healthy in their future life.

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 8. Awareness programmes.
Samatol Foundation is working for different children for past 15 years. During this work, it is observed that none of students, their parents or teachers have a proper knowledge of laws and rules relating to children. The major laws applicable to children are Juvenile Justice (Care & Protection) Act, 2015 (J J Act, 2015) and Prevention of Children from Sexual Offenses Act 2012 (POCSO 2012), Child labour (Prevention and Regulations) Act 1986, Child Marriage Prevention Act, 2006 and Right To Education Act , 2009. Samatol arranges seminars for spreading awareness among students, parents and teachers. Similarly it arranges sessions for officers in Balgruh, Child officers in police stations and other police officers and also at other NGOs, hospitals, hostels and all other places where there are children. Samatol feels necessary to spread such awareness in the society and it is getting success in creating such awareness in the society. Samatol is targeting to go from 5000 students to 50,000 students for creating awareness about all these laws. The ultimate aim of Samatol is to make the society child friendly.

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9. Working at other railway stations across India for children in distress
Samatol Foundation is of opinion that wherever there are large no of children needing help, Samatol has to reach there to help them. There are a lot of children coming from outside states which are runaway or which are brought through child trafficking for the purpose of child labour or begging. To reach to these children, Samatol has started work at other junction stations such as Pune, Bhusaval, Nagpur, Nanded etc. to help children in distress get immediate help and their faster rehabilitation to their families.
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 10. Networking
We feel that to spread work done by Samatol Foundation throughout India at national level, Samatol needs to create a network among institutions and NGOs spread all over India. Such a network will support in giving immediate help to any child in distress all over India. Such a network helps Samatol to rehabilitate children coming from any part of India with their families. This network helps us to locate family of runaway children and connect easily with them to reunite their children with their families. Samatol aims at creating co-ordination between different government departments and NGOs at national level to solve problem of any child across India
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 11. Samatol Varta
Samatol Foundation informs about Samatol projects, programmes, rehabilitation of children, child rights, all the processes about child care and protection, interaction with government departments, information about donations received during month by publishing in Samatol Varta. It keeps all the donors, Samatol Friends updated about different activities in Samatol, coming up events and to spread this information we take help of Samatol Mitra who are volunteers for our work. We are also reaching to various sections of society by publishing Samatol Varta through social media. This way Samatol keeps itself updated and informed about in all sections of society. Samatol Varta aims at giving information about issues related to children in today’s society.
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12. Primary Social Work Training Course for Govt system and department
Samatol has started a new endeavor about giving training to various students going to college and who are really interested to make a career in Social work. We, take their training on introduction to Social work and their introductions to different systems in societies like Hospital system, Police system, Women and Child Development Department, formation of trust and other topics needed to start a career in social field and knowledge about children related government departments, acts and rules related to children. Many times, many employees in different organisations, Balgruh, shelters are not aware about laws relating to children. So those employees are not able to perform their duties effectively. In such a case, training is needed to be given to them. Every weekend, training is given to the participants. There we call experts from different fields to train the students and employees. Such trained employees are used to start work at other railway stations in Maharashtra.
Through these 12 projects, Samatol is helping all children in distress throughout India. It is also willing to cover new areas for care and protection of children in India.