Healthy Vegetables using Organic Farming

SourceSamtol Foundation    Date09-Feb-2021
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Organic Farming and Goseva
Samatol Foundation has started Organic Farming as part of its vocational training programme. It is growing vegetables needed for daily use for children at camp. Samatol Foundation comes into contact with many children who come from rural areas. They eat junk food and any food available on street. They eat adulterated food which may create health problems for them. As they are staying away from home for many days, they are open to different addictions like liquor, cigarette, drugs and this further deteriorates their health.
These children are having farming in their native place but they are not used to do farming there. To make these children aware about farming and to provide them nutritious food, Samatol has started organic farming in its camp using gobar and go mutra. All vegetables produced in these farms are used for shelter, camp and annchhatra and because of this, all children in camp are in good health.
Samatol has started giving these vegetables produced from organic farming to different sections of society to create awareness among them about good vegetable eating habits. Samatol has taken rice crop also this year. Now Samatol is taking crops of day to day used vegetables like potato, onion, garlic, tomato, cabbage and other 15 vegetables through its organic farming. Also Samatol is teaching such organic farming to the children above the age of 15 years to make them aware to grow vegetables at low cost, earn good livelihood and also stay healthy in their future life.