26 January 2021 Celebration and session on Solar Energy

SourceSamtol Foundation    Date11-Feb-2021
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Celebration of India's Republic day on 26th January 2021
Session on Solar Energy on 27th  January 2021
India's Republic Day is always a special and auspicious day for all of us. Volunteers get together to celebrate 72nd Republic Day in 26th January 2021 with children of Samatol Foundation. 10 children from Bori Volunteer Training Center came to participate in this programme. One of Samatol Friends, Chandorkar family from Airoli also joined us for this celebration of Republic Day. They wished to celebrate their mother's death anniversary with the children in Samatol Foundation.Everyone gathered at 11 in the morning. Then the celebration of Republic Day started with Flag hoisting and singing of National Anthem - Jana gana mana. Children from Volunteer training programme, Bori introduced themselves and told everyone about their training. Volunteers of Samatol Foundation, then, gave information about Republic Day and the importance of celebration of this day. Then children sung the song, 'Khet me milega na khalihan me milega'.
After Flag hoisting ceremony, Mr Vijay Jadhav introduced Samatol Foundation and its projects to eveyone. Chandorkar family members were curious to know whether foundation is working for orphan children ? Vijay Jadhav cleared their doubts by saying that, "In our society, child is not an orphan by birth but he is made orphan by people. Child learn through obsevations. The issues like casteism, religionism, rich and poor are taught by elderly people. So before blaming others we need to change ourselves for betterment of child and not ot teach him wrong concepts in society."
Chilren are the future of our country and so it is the aim of Samatol Foundation to make society child friendly and thus, we should know the information of organization working for children. At 6 p.m in the evening, we all lowered the Flag and sang Vnde Mataram.  
After this programme, Vijay Jadhav sir held a session with volunteers on 'Introduction to Social Work' at 7;30 in the evening. The session started with introduction of trainee children about themselves and then volunteers explain about their work. After this introduction session, Vijay sir sing a song with eveyone :
                                       'Ugta sooraj raah dikhaye, bhaag raha hai andhera,
                                        Aandhiyose, toofanose , kab ruka hai sabera.' 
This song means that, sun rises and abolished darkness of night. Whatever the situation, he never stops rising and setting. Like that, in our life there may also have problems or hurdles but we have to face them, fight with them and achieve our goal of life by overcomiing those hurdles. 
On 27th January 2021, at 8;30 in the morning Vijay sir, started the session, where he gave the information about work of Samatol Foundation. 12 projects are currently running in Samatol, their working pattern, all this is explained by sir in this session. Sir said that, "If you want to make career in any field, its base is in the social work. So, by working in these projects can help you to choose career and make it." 
After this, session on Solar Energy started at 10 in the morning. Mr Shrinand Kulkarni sir held this session. Young college students and others get a chance to know about importance of solar energy, different methods to use this solar energy in our daily life like we can make our food, run our electrical appliances on this energy etc. Nature gives us many things for free of cost and solar energy is one of them, so we should use it properly. Lecture on utilization of Solar Energy by Shrinand Kulkarni sir was very informative. 
After session on Solar Energy, we visit to 'Goshala'. Then we got together in a hut and everyone share their experiences of this two days Republic Day celebration. Shrinand Kulkarni sir also told us about usefulness of different vegetables in our life. 
While concluding, Vijay Jadhav sir emphasized on importance of Social Work in our life and encourage us to make a career in this social field. Then session ended with this and programme ends.