Solar Energy Training programme

SourceSamtol Foundation    Date10-Feb-2021
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Solar Energy Training Programme.
Samatol Foundation is conducting training programme on Solar Enery and its uses in our day to day life. Solar energy available to us in abandance can be useful if channelised properly. Samatol is already using solar energy for creating electricity to run electrical equipments in Samtol's Man Parivartan Kendra at Mamnoli, Kalyan. Samatol has set up solar panels to channelise solar energy through the camp. 
Now Samatol is conducting Solar Energy training  sessions with Shri Shrinand Kulkarni, a lecturere on Utilisation of Solar Energy. He is giving basic information abour solar panels and its working, components used in solar panel, use of battery in solar energy system. and uses of solar energy to provide eletricity to electrical equipments, cooking food, torch.