Vocational Training Program

SourceSamtol Foundation    Date28-Aug-2020
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Samatol Foundation is working for children in the society. It is mainly for rehabilitation of children coming on junction railway stations in Maharashtra from all over India. Samatol always believes in the concept of Rehabilitation with Development. It is trying to make children Atmnirbhar and make them self dependent in their future life.
For development of children on railway stations as well as needy children in rural areas coming in contact with Samatol, it is developing a Vocational Training module in our Man-Parivartan Kendra at Mamnoli, Kalyan. It includes courses like
1) Tailoring,
2) Plumbing,
3) Welding,
4) Solaring,
5) Organic Farming,
6) Ayurvedic Nursery,
7) Computer Training,
8) Goseva.
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Ayurvedic Nursery_1 

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In all these courses we introduce them to basic knowledge of every course through practical training and under supervision of expert resource persons.
1)  We take a batch of 15 children of the age of 15 and above 
2)  It is mendatory to complete minimum training period of 3 months
3)  Looking at academics and his progress, the children can be allowed to learn further also. 
4)  Samatol will award Course Completion Certificate at the end of course. 
5)  Samatol can help these children get good job or start a small business according to their skills 
6)  We have free food and lodging facility for all the children for vocational training  
This vocational trainng programme is designed taking into account needs of children mainly in rural areas as most of these children come from rural areas from all over India. They have no education or they are less educated but every child has some in-built skill which can help them in their future life. We present an opportunity to all these children to use their skills to become Atmnirbhar and carve their own future.