Vocational Training Program

SourceSamtol Foundation    Date28-Aug-2020
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Free Vocational Training Courses
Samatol Foundation is working for children in the society. It works mainly for rehabilitation of children coming on junction railway stations in Maharashtra from all over India. Samatol always believes in the concept of Rehabilitation with Development. It is trying to make children Atmnirbhar and make them self dependent in their future life.
For development of children on railway stations as well as needy children in rural areas coming in contact with Samatol, it is developing a Vocational Training Module in our Man-Parivartan Kendra at Mamnoli, Kalyan. It includes courses like 
1) Tailoring:
We give training to the children and needy ladies in the society to stitch school uniforms. These uniforms are given to needy school students in nearby rural schools. In this COVID-19 pandemic, our children have also stitched masks. We are distributing these masks in rural ares for their safety from COVID-19 virus. We provide them, cloth and tailoring material for stitching uniforms and masks. We are also planning a movement of plastic free enviornment. For this we are training these children and ladies to stitch carry bags from old clothes or old sarees and we are distributing them in weekly markets in rural areas to promote plastic free enviornment. We aim to strengthening children and women in society and make them earn their own livelihood.
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 2) Plumbing:
Many children coming in contact of Samatol are school drop-outs. They are needed to be given some practical education for their future life. Hence they are trained in plumbing so that they can build a pipe line or make repairs to household pipe lines. They are given practical training of making and repairing of a pipe line and fixing it. All the in-house work at camp is done with the help of these children. Through this practical training they get confidence that sometime in future they can assist any plumber or start their own work to earn their livelihood.
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3) Welding:
The children in Samatol are getting trained in welding work. The trainer give basic information about material required for welding and teaches them assembling of varios welding products. They can assemble any rack or shade with their welding skills. This will enable them to make small changes in their house on their own and learn some fabrication work on small scale to help them earn good money.
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4) Solar Energy:
Solar Energy is one natural form of energy available freely and in abundance. In today's scarce sources of energy 'Solar Energy' is coming forward as better option for generating electricity. Solar Energy can be used in commercial as well as residential set up. Through solar panels we can create electricity and use in our residence for cooking food, running electrical appliances and for street lights.
Samatol has started vocational course in solar energy to give basic information about solar energy components like solar panels, battery, wiring system under the guidence of expert lecturers. Through this, Samatol is introducing children to newest form of energy and create a new source of livelihood to them.

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5) Organic Farming:
Many children come to Samatol from rural areas. They are always stay in open public places like stations, roads, gardens. There they eat adulterated food which may create health problems for them. To make these children aware about this and to provide them nutritious food, Samatol has started organic farming in its camp using gobar and go mutra. All vegetables produced in these farms are used for our camp children. And because of this, all children in camp are in good health. We plan to provide these vegetables to other sections of society also. This will help to create a healthy society free from diseases.
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6) Ayurvedic Nursery:
In today's world, due to various diseases and health issues, people prefer Ayurvedic medicines over allopathic medicines. Keeping this in mind, Samatol is developing Ayurvedic Nursery as a part of vocational training. Plants like Tulsi, Alovera, Neem and other ayurvedic plants are grown in our nursery with the help of children. They are also given information about these plants and their uses for good health. This way we keep good health of children and we are planning to supply the plants to various sections in society fot their health benefits. This way we are aiming at a healthy child friendly society.
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7) Computer Training:
The children in vocational training are given exposure to the world of computers. They are given basic information about hardware and software in computer system. In today's world of computer literacy, every child should be aware of computer technology. In every field of life and in every job, computer knowledge is required. The children in vocational training get known to computers and their functioning which can help them in their future life. They can start their own work with the help of computer knowledge gained by them in vocational training course.
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8) Goseva:
We have also started Goshala which has 16 cows. These cows give milk on daily basis which is provided to the children in camp for getting nutritions in milk and gobar and gomutra required for organic farming is available from Goshala only. Through this course, children learn about cows and they are trained in feeding, grazing, milking cows. 
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In all these courses we introduce them to basic knowledge of every course through practical training and under supervision of expert resource persons.
1)  We take a batch of 15 children of the age of 16 and above 
2)  Runaway, orphan, poor, homeless, single parent children, street children, children in slums, school drop-outs will be given preference
3)  Samatol will not ask for any identification documents or any other documents for admission to the course 
4)  Basic training will be given for 3 months ny expert resource persons. Then looking at academics and his progress, the children will be allowed to learn further also. 
5)  Samatol will give FREE training and provide FREE food and lodging facility for all the children for vocational training 
6)  Samatol will give impressive Course Completion Certificate at the end of course. 
7)  Samatol can help these children get good job or start a small business according to their skills 
This vocational trainng programme is designed taking into account needs and skills of children mainly in rural areas from all over India. They have no education or they are less educated but every child has some in-built skill which can help them in their future life. We present an opportunity to all these children to use their skills to become Atmnirbhar and carve their own future.