Rehabilitation of Children in Balgruh

SourceSamtol Foundation    Date14-Oct-2019
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Under Juvenile Justice (Care & Protection of Children) Act, 2015, problematic and needy children are kept in Balgruh. 
When the child is a “Child in conflict with law”, he is kept in Bal Nirikshan Gruh. In Maharashtra, all 36 districts have Balgruh as well as Bal Nirikshan Gruh. 
Samatol Foundation believes that every child should stay in his own district and in his own state. Since every district has Balgruh and Bal Nirikshan Gruh, the child should stay in Balgruh in his own district. Samatol Foundation is working with various Balgruh to help the children reunite with their families. Children come from different states and there is not enough manpower with Police Department to take these children back to their families. In such cases, Samatol karyakarta carry the child on his own until he reaches home safely. Samatol believes that every child should get his own family.and from every Balgruh and Bal Nirikshan Gruh, every child should get parents and families. Through Samatol's Endeavour for Rehabilitation of children from Balgruh ensures that every child is safely placed with his families and no child remains orphan in Balgruh.