Samatol's Rehabilitation work for runaway children

SourceSamtol Foundation    Date02-Oct-2018
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Samatol Foundation is rehabilitating Runaway Children with their families

in their states all over India
Samatol Foundation is rehabilitating runaway children coming on railway stations with their families. We feel that every child should learn in their own language staying with their families in their own state. Then only the children can progress in their future life. 
Samatol rehabilitates every child in two ways. It either reunites them with their families or put them in hostels where they can stay safely and they are given admission in school for further studies. 
Samatol believes in the concept of Rehabilitaion with Development. It inculcates good habits in these children and give them value education. Now Samatol has also started vocational training course to strengthen them in their future life when they go back home.