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SourceSamtol Foundation    Date05-May-2016
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What is SAMATOL?
Sa - Samta (Equality), Ma - Mamta (Affection), To - Tohfa (Reward), L - Lakshya (Goal).
Samatol also means BALANCE in English.
Samatol Foundation was registered in 2006, under the Social Institution Registration Act, 1860, vide Registration no G.B.B.S.D. 2528/06 and under The Public Charitable Trust Act, 1950, vide Registration no F-31902 at Mumbai.
Samatol Foundation is a Non-Profit Social Organization which works for the upliftment and rehabilitation of runaway children. They run away from their homes for various psychological or socio-economic reasons. We strive to reunite them with their families.
To bring back deprived children into the mainstream
Samatol is a national level organization established in 2006, in order to bring these socially backward and deprived children into the mainstream of the society and molding them into being responsible citizens of India.
Samatol Foundation is proud to announce that it has been successful in making a positive impact on the lives of over 10,000 children so far, and has created an equal number of happy families. Samatol firmly believes that a child's right can only be well protected within the confines of their own family.
Basic rights of the children
In Samatol, basic rights of the children are always taken into consideration. They are a priority to us and are taken care of properly until they are reunited with their families. We have taken the responsibility of preventing children from getting on the wrong track in life which would ruin their own lives at the stake of India's future. 
Span of Work
Samatol Foundation functions in 5 districts in Maharashtra namely Mumbai, Mumbai Subarban, Thane, Pune and  Jalgaon and on 10 junction railway stations at Mumbai C.S.T., Dadar, Kurla, Thane. Kalyan, Pune, Bhusaval, Nanded, Latur and Miraj.
Currently we have a team of volunteers working at Railway Stations. Whilst observing the platforms, they pick out the children within the range of 6-18 years of age. These children have lost their identity in the huge canvas of the city but our volunteers are on hand to rescue them. At the moment, there are many karyakartas working for Samatol.
The main Goal Samatol strives for, is to build our Indian society into a Bal Premi Samaj, a Child Friendly Society.
Samatol envisions that every child should develop by learning in his own mother tongue in his own state connected to his family and relatives.
Samatol strives to make all Governmental organizations like the Women and Child Development Department, Police Department, Child Welfare Committee, Juvenile Justice Board, Children Home (Balgruh), Child Labor Department and Child Help Line (1098) work in unison and collaborate for this noble cause.
Samatol’s Role
The volunteers at Samatol Foundation have a crucial role to play. Their work begins all the way from identifying a runaway child on railway platform and finishes when he has been safely handed over to his parents.
Although the work of identifying a lost/run away child on a railway platform seems to be quite easy, the actual task of taking custody of the child is very difficult. In some cases, the children are so used to staying independently that they are not ready to come with us. They do not prefer to be confined again. The volunteers have to initially gain the trust and confidence of the child and convince him about the work of Foundation and its various activities.
After this the found child is registered at the nearest Railway Police Station. Thereafter, the child needs to be taken for a Medical Examination at an allocated Government hospital in accordance with the registered number at the Police Station. While this is taking place, the foundation volunteers try and trace down the child’s family and/or relatives.
The newly found children need to be accommodated until the root cause of their reason for running away is investigated. The Government has built temporary shelters and Balgruh in order to accommodate these children. After knowing the root cause, volunteers decide where he needs to be temporarily kept in its temporary shelter or in a government run Balgruh.
After obtaining complete custody of the child, he is brought to our camp site situated in Mamnoli, Kalyan, known as “Manparivartan Shibir”. This is a 45-day rehabilitation camp, where the children are counselled, mentally and physically, to develop a feeling of love and affection towards their families. This counselling is completed with the help of professionally trained and qualified counsellors.
During the counselling process, the children are asked about their families. Through discussions with the counsellors at the camp, the children reveal their family details. These family details are immediately conveyed to the contact person of the respective state working for Samatol. When the child’s family members are found, they are invited to attend the farewell ceremony which is held on the last day of the camp. Following the ceremony, the reunited families take their children safely home.
Vocational Training
Samatol has started vocational training certificate programme for children of 15 years and above at Mamnoli, Kalyan. We have started courses in tailoring, plumbing, welding, solaring, organic farming, ayurvedic nursery, computer training and goseva. We provide basic information of every course in duration of 3 months through practical training and with the help of experts.
Awareness Campaign
Samatol Founbdation is creating awareness in different sections of society by taking sessions on suject of child rights especially on Juvenile Justice (Care and Protection of Children) Act, 2015 (J J Act, 2015) and Protection of Children from Sexual Offences Act 2012, (POCSO Act 2012). We conduct these sessions in schools, colleges, hostels, Balgruh, Ashramshala. hospitals and every place where children are involved. Also we take sessions on other lawas relating to children like Child Labour (Prohibitions and Regulation) Act, 1986, The Prohibition of Child Marriage Act, 2006, Right of Children to Free and Compulsory Education Act, 2009. These sessiona are also taken with officers of different government departments related to children like police, hospital's medical staff, Balgruh/ We wish to make every section of society aware about child rights and child welfare to create a Child Freindly Society.