SourceSamtol Foundation    Date19-May-2016
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Samatol Foundation is into child rehabilitation work. Since its span of work in at national level hence it needs large network of volunteers an NGOs as well as Samatol Mitras. While doing the rehabilitation, we work hand in hand with all child-related government departments, agencies, boards, committees as well as social workers.
Having a network of communication is important to get in touch with local authorities for rehabilitation of children in their respective states. This networking also helps us to spread awareness about the issue of runaway children and child security.
Samatol works with various Government departments like Police Dept., Railways Dept., Social Welfare Dept. and Women and Child Development Dept. Samatol aims to create a balance in society with the help of these departments. We want the officers working in these departments to be child friendly, which is vital for our work.
Since Samatol works for reuniting of children with their families, to make this process smoother, networking helps us to communicate with these departments of various states. We also maintain a good relationship with them so that children will get help at the right time and place.
The biggest success of networking is, every parent whose child has been reunited through Samatol, helps us to locate other children’s parents and family in the area. Family of every reunited child, keeps relations with Samatol even after returning of child to his home. Samatol Foundation have such networks all over India. It believes that to make this society Child Friendly, it is important to reach the maximum number of people.